Sitting at the southern edge of Central America is a country bordered to the North and South by Nicaragua and Panama. This small land mass is filled with loads of tourist attraction centers such as beaches, tropical rainforests, volcanoes, hot water springs, and wildlife.


What most eyes may seem to ignore from this idyllic scenery is the people of this great land. With a population of five million people (the bulk of these having Spanish and Native American ancestry), the Ticos –a word derived from hermanticos, meaning little brothers –have managed to ensure that their precious traditions and cultural nuances survived till this very day.


The primary language spoken here is Spanish, and other indigenous languages have survived over time, about six of them, and some of the locals still speak and communicate with it. Most of the country are practicing Catholics and there are churches in even the smallest towns of Costa Rica as a testament to this fact.


The Costa Rican people are very friendly, warm and generous people, as well as patient, determined and hardworking. The Ticos are also known to be very polite, and saying no to requests can be very difficult for them to do!


Many foreigners leave with a tale about the Costa Ricans friendliness. Mine was having the first car that passed stop to help me repair a flat tyre at 2am. That doesn’t happen back home! Then when I offered him a gratuity he wouldn’t accept a penny, he just left with a big smile.


The Ticos place so much value and importance in their community and its growth, and they all try to play their significant part in building. They are also known to have very large families.

Ticos take their music, dancing, annual festivals and parties very seriously! as they believe it plays an integral role in family functions and communal gatherings and that the culture and tradition of the preparation of the food are just as important as the feast itself!


Soccer (called football) is the primary sport played by locals here, as it is with countries like England and Brazil. The locals are very skilled in this game, and they have helped visitors and tourists to brush up their skills and knowledge of the rules of the game after many lessons learned from just one or two games played.


For some tourists, getting to know the people of Costa Rica turns out to be the icing on the cake after a rollercoaster ride of adventures in the lovely country.


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We had so much fun at Buena Vista. Thanks for arranging that with Memo.
I also want to say many thanks for all that you have done. We have enjoyed Costa Rica and I have found you so helpful with everything and a pleasure to deal with that it was a very stress free vacation. When I do come back here hopefully you will still be doing what what you do.
Our last couple of days will be spent enjoying the sunshine and eating at great restaurants. Sincerely,

Tara, Kevin and Roy., Costa Rica

While my computer is still running here, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for your help during our stay.
When we first came to your office, we were in dire straights and in desperate need of assistance. Andrea was extremely compassionate, spoke with candor, and had a "can do attitude" that was of immense help.
In addition, Andrea has put us in contact with Steve, with whom we are working, preparing to view a little property that might be just what we are looking for at this particular time.
In addition, having gotten to know Andrea personally as well as professionally has been our great pleasure. I wanted to let you know what a tremendous asset she is to your company. She is a great treasure -- a one in a million.

Tina Parker, Costa Rica
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